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Wouldn't an album with just Axl on a piano be awesome?


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I think simple can be better, but more complicated also works if it's executed well. And Axl knows how to execute.

All the elements added to songs like TWAT and CITR...some people say the songs are a mess. Well, I think they work. Either the effects are great and give the songs added dimension, or they are just cool additions. So it's hard for me to say yeah, he needs to do a stripped back album based around the piano. I don't really think it's necessary because what he's doing now is working out just fine.

It is an interesting idea though, one I wouldn't mind seeing eventually. But, one album at a time please. There is one fish that still needs frying.

A 50 something year old Axl Rose might be more suited to a stripped back piano album, after he rocks us all one (or three) more times. But don't hold your breath. Axl has always been all about bigger = better. He was that way even prior to the Illusion albums, it just wasn't obvious yet.

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I think Axl's version of It's Alright is probably the coolest thing on the Live Era cash-in.

I had forgotten all about that song (dont listen to Live Era). Really does sound great. Just Axl at the piano with his unique voice - it works for me. November Rain could have been incredible if it was recorded that way.

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I too think that It's alright is a great song when Axl did it

but I wouldn't like a whole album of that kind of songs.

Just one piano only song is enough for one album

and it should be a GN'R song not a cover even though It's alright is awesome.

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