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Stop the Censorship on this FORUM!!!


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The moderators on this board are the biggest wimps and they continually try and control people's perception of GNR by erasing anything that is not supportive of Axl...this is so lame.

You have a point, but this is a GNR fan forum-where you'd expect more positivity than negativity surely? I agree there are alot of people who are attached to Axl's dick and can't accept criticism of him-which is ridiculous. But if you continue to make topics like this and to constantly bash Axl and the new band, you have to accept that people won't just sit back and accept your opinion. It is 'Discussion' forum so surely positive and negative posts should be welcome? Meh, no point making topics like this though Kaneda-nothing will change.

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Kaneda, I agree with freedom of speech, but when you create new threads when it's already been discuss in

another one, I completly agree with the mods.

You always create new thread instead of posting in thread that already exist... you're not a journalist who deserve is own column in the newspaper, you're a member like all of us that have to follow the rules...

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Since there already was a similar thread in the Dust & Bones Section, your thread was merged:


To you it doesn't matter if Gnr tour, play new music, new songs leak, Gnr party in public or talk to the press... you still complain. The sad thing about you is that you are unable to give any form of constructive criticism whatsoever, just stupid assumptions and ridiculous speculations.

If Gnr now goes on a US tour, update their website, release the new album and promote it you'll probably bitch about how long it took without even knowing the story behind it.

Please post your next thread in Dust & Bones right away so we don't have to move it. Also remember, this is a forum for Gnr fans.

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