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Your favorite Green Day song?


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American idiot.

I really dislike any pre-american idiot stuff

way to american-pop-punky

:o they were like punk then! now they're all american 'pop-punky'.

wrong way round!

I don't think so at all.

Then you're wrong. :huh:

And all their songs are shit.

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Ok, but i like jesus of suburbia sometimes. i kinda got pissed at them for Boulevard of broken dreams, because I'm assuming they took their name from Hanoi. it's an uncommon song name.

how come they are punk and write a nine minute long song? :o

The very fact that they wrote a nine minute song is punk, cause you're not supposed to. They nicked 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' from the title of a classic James Dean picture, which Billie Joe openly admits. They most definetely did not steal it from Hanoi Rocks! :lol:

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GREEN DAY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


All punk is easy to play. Green Day are probably one of the best punk bands at playing their instruments. The Sex Pistols, especially Sid Vicious, had no idea how to play any of their instruments.

Moreover, you know, and I know that the only reason you said that is because you're sick of all the little fangirls who go on and on: Green day is like the like best like band like ever like.

Appreciate Green Day for their music, not the fans they got in 2004.

Long View is fucking brilliant:


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IM 14

I would have never guessed..... :rolleyes:

Anyways, I've listened a lot to the album "American Idiot" the last couple of months and also watch the DVD "Bullet In A Bible" many times. I love it and I think it's a great and very complex album. I saw Green Day at Roskilde 2005 and it was a kick ass show!

My current fav songs is "The Death Of St. Jimmy"

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Wtf, you people like green day? :rofl-lol:

Thats exactly what i was thinking! At least if u want to listen to real punk, go listen to G.B.H, or the Exploited or the Casualties, dont listen to the gay green day crap!

Green Day are far more talented than the bands you just mentioned. All they do is scream, repeat random words and play their instruments really, really bad. Punk doesn't have to sound like crap and without melody to be called punk.

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