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I watched this documentary last night on dvd.A lifelong metal fan decided to make a docu about his fav music...metal.

He traces its roots and delves into the different genres...he even flew to Norway to do a segment on Black Metal.

It was pretty interesting,a bit boring at times (cuz there was a lot of stuff I already knew)...and funny at times (some metal musicians aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer...and fell completely flat on their faces in the interviews).

worth seeing..

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Yeah it's pretty good.

The dude from Mayhem kills me.

"Who the fuck are they?!?"


yeah that was funny shit!

I was a bit surprised at Alice Cooper's comments on Norwegian metal bands...how he loves to get the metal mags when he is in Norway and laugh at the bands trying to outdo each other,and when they walk to him they are like average joe nerdy guys on the street...yet they pretend to be scary people in metal bands.

uh....Alice (you were the dude golfing with George Burns in the 70's)

I love Alice...but he kinda put his foot in his mouth with that comment.

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The Norway black metal scene is fucking INSANE!!! Those dudes are real metalheads and they stay true to the heavy metal roots!

My cousin is living there and he said that some fucker wearing a U2 shirt got chased and beaten with bats last month because he told some dudes from this band that they looked gay! We need more metalheads like them over here!


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anyone remember "this is spinal tap"?

Man I want to see that one so much I have just seen clips of it like when that say something like "look this amp goes up to 11" the other guy "why not just up to 10 and it's louder on the last one?" the first guy "........this goes up to 11" :lol:


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the sad part is i almost bought a marshall stack just like that

it actually happenned exactly like the movie

"Hey, what's with this amp"

Sales guy:"well this is a special amp, it goes up to 11 incase you need it"

"but wouldn't it be smarter just just to put 10 louder and make 10 the loudest"

Sales guy:".......but this one goes to 11"

"wait a second, this is dejavu"

I decked him out after that

needless to say, I'm using peaveys now

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