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iTunes problem


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Ok i'll try to explain this best I can. :confused:

Sometimes when I add a new song or an album to an artist on iTunes, it doesn't show the music that was under that artist before I added the new stuff. Then, the only way I can listen to it is to find it under 'songs' instead of just going to the artist.

Like for example I added the album Detonator by Ratt and I had a couple songs under their name already. After I added the album, the other songs weren't listed under Ratt (unless I look for them in the 'songs' list).

That happens to alot of my other music on it too.

Does anyone know how to fix it? :unsure:

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Seems like you have an ID3 tag problem. Basically you gotta search for those files, right click and rename them, then they will go to the correct artist/album, etc.

Have a look in My Music/iTunes/blah, etc and its most likely they will be under "Unknown Artists".

Its too early for me to think straight :sleeper: So I might have the wrong end of the stick.

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