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NOT releasing Chinese Democracy works in Axl's Favour

The Sandman

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I don't agree with you Mr. Sandman <_<

...my opinion is simple. Why is not the Album out yet?...coz than they will have to play just or most of the new songs.

Why they won't play the new songs?...coz they are not "THE GNR" yet!

Why they play old songs is clear...ther're still "a hit" with it's tunes and will ever be! They are timeless songs. I can't imagine BETTER to be a timeless long or anyone else. NOP. I can't imagine AXL with his new CLOTHING STYLE to be rembered as an best extraordinary artist as he ever was.

So if they would play only new songs or if they give out that goddamn CD, believe me there won't be any enormous recation as it was now, there won't be so much people coming to se "NU GNR" and their weird OFF-CONTEKST songs, when GNR WERE BACK!!!..."WAHTEVER, who cares" <_<

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i think if we dont get a release date before september is gone, i doubt that the cd will hit the stores this year!! september is probably the last chance for us to get a release date for 2006.

my thoughts:)

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Guest Apollo

Valid Points.

But who gives a fuck about "hype".

I don't understand why "hype" even matters.

If an album or song or movie is good - then it's good. If its shit, then its shit. WHAT difference does it make who hyped it or how much money it took or what a magazine said about it? DOES that change the quality of hte song????????

I guess I don't get why people let hype effect their opinion on anything. Makes absolutely NO sense to me at all.

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Don't agree. At least in the last tour, they seemed more creative, instead of now where he's trying to be more like the past and just ends of looking kinda funny jumping around and trying to be sexy or some shit.

I just meant strictly the perception that the general public had of it. Most of my friends are GnR fans but not hardcore like me, so when they heard about the 2002 tour the reactions were kind of like..

"Wow that's awesome, I can't wait to see GnR again!"

"Slash and Duff aren't in the band anymore? That sucks, but I do want to hear Axl's new material"

"Wait, a new album isn't coming out? Eh.. I'll pass"

Judging by how the 2002 tour fared in the U.S., I'd imagine that was the reaction many people had.

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there is no chinese democracy, is really funny because hell, dont you get the spin? what he is telling you is that nobody will ever hear the record before theres a democracy in china.... that is never ever.

There wont be a record this year, or any other year. He gets all the money from touring while the record company gets it for the record itself, like any other artist does. He doesnt need the record, in fact the record would hurt him. He would just tour that year, then say something like "the record have been stolen by mutant fags from mars" and do another tour when he needs more money in 2012 and he will say "people will hear music this year". Then it starts all over again.

The only posible thing that can lead to a record is somehow the particular style in wich the record is written gets popular thanks to some kind of world trend other bands start (think about grunge), If it happens that the album fits like a globe in that trend and he thinks it will sell huge he will release it for sure.

I predict no record this year, problems in the tour, people fired, new band, and start all over again in 2010/12.

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