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What Name Does Axl Actually Own?

The Sandman

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well, at RIR one of the highlights of the festival was a Portuguese band called GNR

Highlights? That concert sucked ass.

And yeah, it's GNR - Grupo Novo Rock.

Guns N' Roses' abreviation is GN'R.

they called it a highlight

I didn't hear them, so I don't know

You did the right thing. That concert blew.

Oh, and for the matter, GNR has existed since the late 70's, so GN'R has no claim for that abbreviation in Portugal.

It's actually an acronym not an abbreviation, and an acronym is made up of the first letter of each word, so it is not about having the 'right' an acronym is an acronym! Anyone or thing with 3 words beginning with G, N and R can be called GNR.


Right, it's an acronym. But I don't think two bands can use the same acronym for music purposes. Although I could be wrong, of course.

GN'R usually uses 'Gn'R' or 'GN'R' - most likely to distinguish them from GNR

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