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can we have a new rule for anything goes?


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Guest Jack_the_ripper
can people start getting warned for hijacking threads. It seems like everyday a thread gets jacked and its by the same fucking people (kids). I don't know is they are retarded or have Lesbodykatokus or something, but can we all work on stoping this?

I agree, it can be pesky at times, it was one of the reasons I had stopped coming here for a while, it had gotten me angry.

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I remember before someone started some shit thread about something,

And within a single post I changed the topic to eating sponges, one of my personal best.

Then there were about 8 pages of argument.

I think we should allow hi-jacking, in fact I think it should be encouraged.

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The sad fact is, this board needs a spamsection thanks to those certain kids you mentioned :/

you know its sad but true. they should just allow spam in the test section coz thats cleared every so often and it dosent allow your post count to rise

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