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Shakira sings Dude (Looks Like a Lady)


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Wasn't a great song to begin with.

That I have to agree with as an Aerosmith fan. Not one of my favorites :no:

As a huge Aerosmith fan, I agree as well.

The whole "Permanent Vacation" album is the epitome of pop rebirth Aerosmith and really lacks in power, the solo is excellent though and the song follows the pop formula well. It's danceable and the lyrics are okay, but much like Rag Doll and Angel off the same album, it seems overwhelmed by the pop concessions and the brilliant Aerosmith guitars have a tough time cutting through the obnoxious synth.

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That performance was aweful, yes, but it did have good qualities:

-Eye candy: that woman is absolutely fucking GORGEOUS

-The band: I don't care what she's like, her band were sick. Some great licks, and a decent solo from a group that back a pop diva for a living

-Steven Tyler: no matter how bad the rest of the song is, that man's voice gives me the fucking chills. Hearing him for 15 sec is worth hearing Shakira's death moan for 3 minutes

-The ending: that quick spurt of Sweet Emotion is a fantastic way to finish off that song. I liked that.

Otherwise ya, tear it to shreds.

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