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Hey anyone got wolfmothers debut album "wolfmother" ?

I bought it yesterday and its outstanding i love it it has so many great tracks such as Dimension , Woman , Love Train , collosall , minds eye , joker and the thief , vegabond and white unicorn. The other tracks are great but they need to grow on me a bit more. I was just wondering if anyone had it and would like to share there opinion on it ?

If you are thinking of buying it do it's worth it !!!!!!!!!!!! B)

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it's a bit of a rip-off of Sabbath and Zeppelin.

This is true, BUT…

1) My little sister plays their album all the time. She and her friends are actually rocking out to what is essentially old-school 70's rock. If they're introducing that sort of music to a younger audience, then all power to 'em.

2) Whenever one of their songs comes on the radio when I'm driving I always turn it up and sing along. Woman especially.

3) They're Australian.

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Doesn't anyone else thing the beginning of Love Train sounds almost exactly like Sympathy for the Devil?

Yeah I thought so too! It is kind of slower but exactly like Sympathy for the Devil's intro. They have other things too that sounds like you've heard them somewhere else. Some of the songs are quite ok but some are just annoying.

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If you saw them live you would probably like them better. I have seen them 3 times in Chicago this year. They extend their songs with longer guitar and keyboard solos. The keyboard player plays his ass off with a heavy Deep Purple/Uriah Heep influence. They play with extreme energy and prowl the stage. I love about half the album and the other half I could do without. Killer songs are White Unicorn, Colossal, Witchcraft, and Vagabond.

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