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Duran Duran- Skin Trade


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DD was the first band I was really into. I've made a post or two about them before, but they never get much response.

They were my favourite band back in the day. At the time I wasn't even ten years old. I had their first four albums (three of which I recently bought on CD). I tend not to like dance or new wave music or whatever label you want to pin on them, but I agree that their musicianship was great. It transcended, for me at least, their genre. And it doesn't hurt that they incorporated rock into their music.

I think their best song is The Chauffeur. Hauntingly beautiful. Right after that I like Wild Boys. Skin Trade is pretty cool though; I may pick up the album one day. However, I always associated it with the downfall of Duran Duran, since the band was only a trio at that time and had fallen a bit out of favour, both with fans in general and myself as well. I always thought the last true DD song was A View To A Kill (another cool song btw).

Yeah, a really cool band IMO. Another example of how the 80's pwnt the 00's.

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A Matter of Feeling is the best DD song.Without a doubt the best Pop band in the history.

Oh yes they are! rock3

Skin Trade is absolutely fantastic,you can tell by listening to this song how great and talented they are.I love the Notorious album,it's one of their best.. :heart: There's a very cool and long version of it on the Strange Behavior album..I think their music is timeless.

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When I first saw the title of this thread, I got all excited thinking that someone made that Gene Wolfe novella of the same name into a song! :lol:

Don't really see why you like it so much, but - then again - excluding "Wild Boys," I've never been able to listen to Duran Duran. Just not my cup of tea. :no:

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