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Love's a Loaded Gun- Alice Cooper


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It's catchy as hell, and it's really memorable, the lyrics are good, and the hook is incredible. The melody is reminiscent of oldskool early 70's Coop, and it also shows off Coop's ability to find great melody and strength in synthesisers and loud guitars, something which really helped him stray away from Motley Crue during his pop-metal phase.

Along with "Hey Stoopid", "Poison", and "Why Trust You?", it manages to take home the prize for excellence in making hair and pop metal sound good.

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Why Trust You is a good song, and Poison is a classic. I like House of Fire off that album too, and This Maniac's In Love With You (I think that's what it's called? That's the main lyric bit in the chorus anyway.) Good old Alice, his songs are just so singable. :)

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Everything Alice does is great,IMO. the box set is a must have for any true cooper fan. he just recently put out a live dvd/cd combo and it's well worth the 15 bucks. i've seen him in concert a few times and i swear he's like a fine wine- gets better with age.

Love's a loaded gun is one of my favs on the hey stoopid cd, next to feed my frankenstein. My all time fav cooper song is probably the ballad of dwight fry.

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