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Special songs.

zara mama

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Do you sometimes catch yourself that when you are listening to any of GN'R cds there is a song that you seem to find more special than the rest. Not necessarily your favourite or something, but about which you have special feelings, for which you seem to be waiting to hear when you listen to the album. Mm?

I have. :) here they are:

AFD - rocket queen [second - think about you]

Lies - one in a million

Illusion 1 - don't damn me

Illusion 2 - Breakdown [second - locomotive]

Spagethi - look at your game, girl [second - human being]

CD - the blues


My list exactly except with Estranged on top of all that.


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AFD: Mr.Brownstone or Paradise City

Lies: Patience, One in a Million and Nice Boys

UYI I: November Rain, Come, Don't Damn Me and oh so many come in mind, can't choose

UYI II: Breakdown, You Could Be Mine and Estranged (and few other but I don't wanna say more that 3)

TSI?: Down on the Farm [second: Since I don't Have You]

ERA: Pretty Tied Up, Nightrain, Rocket Queen and It's Alright

CD Leaks: Better, TWAT and Madagascar or Chinese Democracy...

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AFD--Welcome to the Jungle--I listen to that song anytime I go somewhere new, and I've got so many places that it reminds me of.

Lies--Used to Love Her--Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend who dumped me, then fucked with my mind, then decided she was afraid of me and made up a bunch of ridiculous lies--my favorite of which was that i eviscerated a rabbit and left it on her doorstep...Ah, young love.

UYI 1--DDM and NR--DDM because every time I say something offensive that I blieve in, people get mad--so fuck em. Silence isn't golden when I'm holding it inside. NR--reminds me of so many nights when I'm like "shit, I need to ask that girl out".

UYI2--Estranged, Locomotive, and Breakdown--all the best "getting dumped songs" i've ever heard. Locomotive Live--that is amazing.

TSI--Hair of the Dog--that's our "joyriding song".

CD--The Blues--best song of the current millenium.

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AFD: Think About You, Mr. Brownstone

Lies: Used To Love Her, One In A Million

UYI 1: Dont Damn Me, Coma

UYI 2: Locomotive, Estranged

TSI: Hair Of The Dog

CD: Better, Madagascar, The Blues

Reasons Why:


Think About You: Every time I listened to that song I thought of my girlfriend at the time

Brownstone: I just think thats a party track and I love that little dumb solo in the middle of the song.


Used To Love Her: Just love that song my cousins and I would play that song when we would jam.

One In A Million: Lyric wise just a kick ass song.


Dont Damn Me: That song just gets me pumped up.

Coma: It's Coma enough said


Hair Of The Dog: Song Just Rocks.


Better: Just a heavy rock song and the "I never wanted" section is just killer

Madagascar: Loved it ever since it was performed at the 2002 VMA's

The Blues: Just the way the song is written.

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Appetite For Destruction: Welcome To The Jungle, Nightrain, Paradise City, Sweet Child O'Mine

GN'R Lies: Patience, One In A Milion.

Use Your Illusion I: Right Next Door To Hell, Live And Let Die, Perfect Crime, Double Talkin' Jive, November Rain, Dead Horse, Coma.

Use Your Illusion II: Civil War, 14 Years, Yesterdays, Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive, Estranged, You Could Be Mine.

The Spaghetti Incident: Ain't It Fun, Attitude, Hair Of The Dog.

Chinese Democracy: Better, Chinese Democracy, Catcher In The Rye, I.R.S., Madagascar, There Was A Time.

Unreleased: Rhiad And The Bedouins (the intro is fucking awesome!)

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