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Guns N' Roses - Gold Greatest Hits Live DVD


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Anyone have any info on this DVD?? :)


-The track listing is:

1. Welcome To The Jungle

2. Sweet Child O' Mind

3. Paradise City

4. Patience

5. Don't Cry

6. Live and Let Die

7. November Rain

8. You Could Be Mine

9. Civil War

10. Yesterdays

11. The Garden

12. Dead Horse

13. Garden of Eden

14. Estranged

15. Since I Don't Have You

16. Knockin' On Heavens Door


-Running Time : 80 Min.

-Audio : DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1

-Video : NTSC, Full Screen 4:3

-Region Code : All

-Release Language : English

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I saw it today on a Swedish auction site and then when I searched for it I found a couple of them on Ebay:


"This is Guns N Roses-Gold Greatest Hits Live DVD and it come in plastic case with Factory Sealed.

All the DVDs are Brand New and factory Sealed by South Korea and Not a Copy or DVD-R."

Pretty much all sellers are located in South Korea, that's why I wonder if it's onll been released there.... :unsure:

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I think it's a bootleg version of "Welcome to the Videos" with "You could be mine" added.

and KOHD i was looking at one on ebay y-day and was gunna put a bid in when i realised that it was the same as WTTV bar 2 videos

Yeah... Which is from the UYI DVD I think... IMO only buy it if you want the YCBM video on dvd :laugh:

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I'm gonna wait until vicious tells us what it is ;)

sorry i was gonna buy it but decided on making the f**king videos instead :(

:anger: You better have not taken the last one(s), I'm buying them after I watch a program on TV :anger:


Which ones did you get? Don't Cry and November Rain? I can't find Estranged :(

They're VHS not DVD right?

Thanks in advance :heart:

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