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Found this on a site while Image Googling "Chinese Democracy"

Civil War In Paradise

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this picture is old as fuck, i'm surprised no one else here remembers... and it IS official.

Is there a bigger one of it? It looks reeeel nifty.

i think there was, someone here should have it. it was big enough to clearly tell that it's budda, and if you turn it around it's satan. it's pretty cool, actually

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This cover sleeve also incorrectly has "GUNS & ROSES" on it, rather than "GUNS N' ROSES"....!

yeah that's a good point dude, hopefully theres no picture of a random chinese person or monk on the actual cover. but then again they did it on the USI's with that (greek?) dude so who knows

Unless it's Pat Morita. That would be cool. - :P

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It's very funny when people are sooooo certain about whether something like this is fake or real. you don't know!!

Now, those that hear a clip of a song that's obviously not Axl but believe it is, or that believe that GnR is going to show up at a podunk bar without ANY promotion, those are people to whom I'd like to sell some land in Florida... but there's not a snowball's chance in hell that 99% of you know with any certainty whether that is a real cover.

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