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This is probably a fake,butt ...


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Why are you guys even putting the time into this? It is so obviously the versions we already have. If it wasn't it would have something else on there, like Prostitute or This I Love. But it's all the songs we already have!!! That's what gives this away.

Okay, I know anything can happen. But it would have to be some coincidence that we get a new leak of studio versions and it would be only the songs that were already out there. That seems much too convenient to me.

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EDIT: someone BS him about bootleg laws and false advertizing, im too lazy to make an ebay account, say something like "You may be subject to a few lawbinding standards" "Selling bootlegs from a concert for your benefit is against the law, legal action will be taken if you cannot/do not prove these tracks are studio made"

or some shit like that :D

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