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can we have a 18+ side of anything goes?


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can we have a 18+ side of anything goes?


Btw Thomas, you wouldn't be allowed to post in the grown up section anyways so it doesn't really matter for you.

As vicious says, this is mainly a Guns N' Roses fan forum and Im sure the ones who wants "18+" stuff can find it elsewhere.

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This may be a tad off-topic, but could we have a Random Thoughts thread? I don't see why they are so forbidden here.

Well, I guess that's the problem, it just turns into a big off-topic chatting thread which I believe most members in here don't get much out of. It's a better idea to send PMs, exchange MSN address or something else.

Pretty much the same reason why we don't have "The-person-above you" or "What-you-listening-to-right-now" threads. It's not to be mean it's just that they're a waste of space, no one reads anything but the last post and most members in here think they're just annoying.

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can we have a grown up part of anything goes. I think its crap that my alpha 5 thread got taken off, a thread that had a lot of thinking to it. we should have a anything goes for grown ups so we can talk about stuff like that. stuff that is meant for grown ups.

you silly person, you only visit this forum to make silly requests and stuff i mean comon i bet you dont even know who Guns 'N' Roses. :anger:

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