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Inland Invasion webcast!


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Give him a break he's a newbie, at worst the mods can merge this with the other thread which someone just bumped. It's not a big deal, at least he was trying to be informational and didn't post something incredibly stupid.

i agree, people with real stuff will not post it here anymore because of the shit people give them

i'm not just on about news but bootlegs too

remember the leaks? and how everyone just ripped on WES?

but on topic the schedule hasn't be released yet as far as i know, i googled it earlier

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Nice! ( woah dude ... Paradise City Man ... *paradiseCityGirl* ... awesome!

I wont be able to see it. Fuck!

Fuck me either! Unless I ask my boss if I can come to work in the middle of the night to watch it lol!

Tell him you have blood in your stool! hhahahah . just kidding. Tell him your sick or something ... unless you've done that too many times.
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GN'R are scheduled to take the stage at 10pm Pacific.


BTW, wasn't Alice in Chains supposed to be there? Maybe I'm mixing that up with another show.

Anyways, can't wait! Hope it's the full set. The bands on prior to GN'R seem like they are on for an hour or so. Then again, with stage changes maybe only a half hour. Sucks if we only get a few songs.

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The 23rd is Sunday.

its saturday .. today is friday the 22nd

i think i'm actually going to blow off the girl i'm supposed to hang out with just to watch this. rock3

You know what? I'm a fucking idiot. I lost track of what day it was :lol:

The 23rd is Sunday.

Huh? :blink:

The 23rd is a Saturday

Yea don't mind me man, had a brain fart :laugh:

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