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The Killer Song


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You know that song by Carolina Marquez that samples the "Twisted Nerve" whistling melody (you might have heard it in "Kill Bill")? Well, it's called "The Killer Song," as you might have guessed from the thread title and even though it's pretty bad (as most of this genre :no: ), you should seriously listen to the lyrics! Me and my mate went to a club the other night and this came on, so we - being inebriated and hyperactive - started shouting singing along to what we thought were the words to the song. Now, the girl actually says something else, but the refrain sounds uncannily like "I love tequila salt, the salt/ I'm fucking drunk!" (or at least it did when we were tipsy and it was on full volume) and we sang it that way becase it was highly appropriate that evening. Just listen to it :blink:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrpl5H7rrNc (you have to wait quite a bit for the refrain)

So that's what you should sing along to when getting drunk on tequila. Lesson over. :chef:

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