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Matt Bellamy Speaks About Guns N' Roses & Other Bands

There Was A Fine

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Backstage interview about bands at reading and comebacks taken from reading 2006:

"Ive always adored bands from the 80s to the far back 60s, I still have Back in Black and Appetite for

Destruction in my collection, im a huge fan of Guns N' Roses and Nirvana. I think its awesome for bands to

have a comeback as long as they make up for the time they were away for, which is going to be hard for

Guns N' Roses, I really like the band and i met up with Axl at download, Hes a great guy and he has the

potential to release a masterpiece along with the other members as long as they give it a 100% but hey im

going to be in there at WHSmiths when its on sale, i still cant believe i met up with the frontman of a

legendary band that are still around today

*you met up with other stars at download didnt you?"


yeh i met up with james hetfield shortly after they played, Hes pretty funny and he was talking to me about

growing a goatee.

i obviously declined the sweet invitation. Ive got metallica albums but im not a huge fan.

*youve been nominated for the mercury 2006 prize, how do you feel about that*

Yeh, its a huge thing to be taken in being nominated for The mercury prize 2006 but up against Arctic

monkeys is pretty daring but hey their a great

band and we wish them all the luck.

some other stuff is said but thats not gnr related

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