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Using forum for blatant plugging of owns music...


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This really bothers me, so please excuse the 'semi-off topic' aspect of the thread.

A certain poster here recently claimed to have received an email from Axl stating he 'visited his bands site and thought they were great' went on to plug his band by offering up a link. I knew, as most did, that this was rediculous. In an effort to dispel this rumour I mailed said address simply with the word "test". Today I received the following reply.

The following addresses had delivery problems:


Persistent Transient Failure: Delivery time expired

The email not only wasn't anyone affiliated with GnRonline, it plainly doesn't even exist.

To use a great forum like this as a playing field for ones own promotion, and not even do it honestly, is really sad and pathetic.

The same poster has also claimed to know a dj who has the whole cd, again surely false. Before we hear about Axl coming to his house to jam, Slash dating his mom, or whatever else may pop into his feeble mind, I felt it best to say this sort of thing is an atrocity and should be dealt with by the powers that be.

How dare somebody try and insult us for personal gain and attention. Much better to simply say "Hey I have a band, check it out."

Dust and bones this if you must, but I felt it needed to be said.

Cheers ...to the honest members.

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Yes, that was really lame indeed and the member did get a warning for posting it, twice even.

If it's true or not is rather irrelevant because either he was just making up a lie to promote his own band or he gave out personal information of Gnr band members. Neither is tolerated here.


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