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Skid Row


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Due for release on 23/10/2006


Another Dick In The System

Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me

When God Can't Wait

Shut Up Baby, I Love You


White Trash

You Lie


Love Is Dead

Let It Ride

Now I know fuck all about this album and can't really be arsed to trawl through endless pages on the net... So can anyone inform me about it?

Is Bach on this album?

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I kinda did like "Thick Skin" it didn't even register as Skid Row to me though.... I kinda lost interest when they did "I remember you too"... That was the lamest shit ever!

I'm really excited for "Angel Down" I can't wait! No release date yet... the site just says "Soon" :rolleyes:

I know Sebastian signed to Sanctuary and they are gonna put the album out... So I guess this is gonna delay it.

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Thickskin was an ok album. Johnny Solinger sings for Skid Row now. He's an okay singer, imo. I've met the guys (minus Baz) and they were all very nice. I'll probably buy the cd when it comes out. I'll buy "Angel Down" too. I'm sure Baz's cd will be more "metal" than Skid Row's.

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IMO the REAL Skid Row album is "Angel Down" which is out soon! rock3

Damn straight :heart: ...Skid Row is dirt without baz.

I'm agree with both of you..I can't wait for Angel Down,it's going to be awesome.. rock3

Thick Skin wasn't bad,but not amazing like the other Skid Row albums,but i liked the rocker version of I Remember you.. :lol: Their new singer Johnny Solinger has a great voice but it's not Sebastian..

Hope this one is better,i still :heart: Snake Sabo.

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Leigh, I'm disappointed you even suggest Bach was on RPM.

Anyway, I got the torrent off my mate whose a huge Skid fan.

And to be honest, it's bloody awful so far.

I liked thick skin, though that was a great album to be honest.

So I heard this. 3 Good tracks.

Honestly most of the stuff sounds like they're just messing around in a studio, this shit should have taken 2 months to make, not 3 years.

I'll still buy it, just cos I'm a Skid mark....(Hold on...maybe I shouldn't those together)

But I don't recommend it.

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I reccomend all Bach lovers to buy the album Frameshift "Abscence of empathy". Seb. Bach does all the vocals on this album

Incredible singing

Incredible songs and fantastic production.

Yeah i'm still meaning to get that one.

Just ordered it! Should be with me either Friday, Saturday or Monday! B)

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