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Great Review on Vegas Show


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This is for all people who doubt Axl is takin out the album this year.

Not only are his fans noticing he's out in the public eye but people who didnt expect him to make a successful comeback.

Not sure if anyone has put this before but i thought it was pretty cool, people are giving the "new" GN'R a chance.

And if you're wondering what I was doing awake at 5 a.m., I was still on New York time, and my ears were still ringing from the Guns N' Roses concert that I attended at The Joint, an intimate rock hall at the south end of the casino.

This place is extremely cool, and remarkably organized for a rock hall.

Being the Grrr guy that I am, I was fully expecting a repeat performance by Axl Rose of his disastrous MTV Music Awards appearance a few years ago.

I was shocked to hear the singer in excellent voice, and giving a high-energy performance. I was sure there had to be a back-up track involved, until he started ad libbing his more popular tunes, and I became a Axl convert.

Of course, this isn't the original Guns N' Roses, but with Axl at the helm and some pretty good rockers on guitar, bass and drums, these guys sound legit enough.

Phantom Planet opened for Axl.

My one Grrr! is when the lead singer said his next song was about Charles Manson, but then, with all the noise and a lack of elocution, no one could understand any of his lyrics anyway. That's OK. I'm not a Manson fan, so missing the meaning of the tune didn't make me lose any more sleep than I already was.

They did do a super-cool rendition of "Phantom of the Opera," however, and I really enjoyed their performance.

I'm a little amazed (or is it dazed?) at the triumphant return of the '80s hair bands. These guys are getting older, like Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted of SuperNova, but they're still cool as rockers.

Welcome back, Axl. Good luck with the new GnR. written by Mike Straka


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