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Jeff Buckley


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The man was awesome. A fucking poet with a guitar.. He wrote

poetry not lyrics.. He had the talent to put it to music.. He's amazing

'Grace' is one of the most beautiful albums of all times.. Another

tragic waste of amazing talent.. Opinions people?

RIP Jeff.. You're still missed..

"This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.."


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Grace is a classic, and it's a damn shame that he never got to do a follow-up except demos collections released posthumously. Definitely one of my favorite vocalists and songwriters as well as a great guitarist, which he doesn't get enough credit for IMO.

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Grace is my favourite album ever and Jeffs my favourite singer ever so as you can tell i kinda like him. It was such a shame he died how and when he did, there was so much talent there altho sketches isnt really an album im a fan of. He didnt want to go the same tragic way as his father but maybe it was inevitable, judging by the book ive read on him he was very much a lost spirit but a beautiful one. My fav songs are Lover, you should've come over, Eternal life and So real

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789
Funny this thread got started b/c I have heard things about him and I saw his CD in the store the other day. I've been debating where or not to get it. It looks like you guys would answer that qith an astounding yes. Am I right?

You are.

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