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Papa Roach are opening act for GNR


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Guns N' Roses

October 22, 2006

8:00 PM

The music of Guns N' Roses is a complex fusion of blues, punk, metal and classic rock and roll, presented in a layered fashion.

Lead by the talented, eccentric, and somewhat unpredictable front man, Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses became one of the top-selling artists in the 90s.

Just announced - Papa Roach will be opening for Guns N' Roses!


$39.50 - $75.00


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Awesome! Papa Rocher is killer, luv them,.. and i think they love GNR too. i think something happened in RIR 2001, about GNR and Papa Roach... or was just a rumour :s

They were interviewed before the show, and said some positive things about Axl, seeing him at the hotel but they were afraid to come up and try and talk to him.

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I guess they can fit that gig in...I checked Papa Roach's schedule and they are booked pretty solid throughout October on tour promoting their new cd.

Technically they could fit the Nashville show in...but here's their itinerary around that time

Oct 21 2006 8:00P

Tweeter Center at the Waterfront Camden, NJ

Oct 23 2006 8:00P

ESL Sports Center Rochester, NY

To go from Jersey down to Nashville then back up to NY is a bit illogical....but hey,like I said,it can be done.

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Fuckin A! I 've seen P.Roach a few times and they put on a good show. That'll be much better than CKY and Shitblaster Mike.

The new Papa Roach cd is good- if you like 80's style rock. A lot of the songs remind me of something Def Leppard would do, especially the song "What Do You Do". I hope they open the whole tour.

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Wow... could it be that Papa Roach are socially acceptable amongst GNR fans?! Damn that's rare!!

You obviously haven't read the other thread about openers...

Nope. I meander around, sometimes aimlessly, clicking what catches my eye... musta missed it.


People saying they'd rather hear Pink than Papa Roach... :o

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