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The new songs live


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This does kinda suck - because you sometimes wish that the only ones going to the shows were the people who not only know the new songs, but have burnt them out already, you know?

I think ( and it pains me to say ) that if they played Don't Damn Me, Coma, Locomotive and Breakdown at a show today, you'd actually get the same type of reactions from these people - while we'd be singing every single word, and those songs have been on a Disc for over ten years now - so I don't really buy that argument

I remember going to Giants Stadium while they were touring with Metallica, and they came out and played Perfect Crime, and believe me I was one of the only ones in my section, at least, singing every damn word -

What can you do?

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When I saw them live, at Rock In Rio, two french guys next to me knew every damn words to the songs, even the new ones, so we were like the only 3 people in that section singing along to The Blues, Better and I.R.S. :rofl-lol: It was cool, because I didn't feel like I was the only one who was screaming during the new songs. But they got a good reaction, I think.

You can't expect someone to rock his heart out to a song he's never heard. The cheers after the song are the effective reaction. And GN'R has been getting nice pops, I'd say.

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I'm here because I'm a fan of Guns N' Roses who happens to be openminded enough to see that the new songs/demos/leaks suck monkey balls.

That or you have absolutely no shred of taste when it comes to music. Yeah, I think I nailed it.

But whatever, it your opinion and, unfortunately, your dumbass is entitled to it. :P

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Here is what I don't get.

Frankly, I think all that is left of GNR fandom at this point is the hardcore.

So why the apathy about new tunes? That makes no damn sense to me. I can't believe the people going to htese shows are casual fans at this point.

And who the fuck doesn't have internet access in thsi day and age?

Dude, most of them are casual fans. That's why they're unfamiliar with the new songs. People who were into GnR back in the day, but aren't hardcore like most of us.


Case in point:


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