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Appetite 4 Axl

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Because it's fucking Jersey! :rolleyes:

You guys just live in the shadow of New York anyway...

I'M JUST JOKING! Don't get mad! :)

Actually I didn't notice until you brought it up. I guess it was just an oversight.

Since you brought it to their attention, I'm sure the'll be adding it soon.

Haha its a good thing you were joking.. I was this close to :anger: :devil:


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"Welcome to New Jersey , trying to be like New York for over 200 years!".......lol i will be at the continental on the 5th , General Admission seats 225-226...gonna be a killer fuckin show...cant wait!!!!

You better swallow those words dude! :fuckyou: How can you not be proud of the lovely state we live in? :)

I spoke to Eric about the missing dates - he's aware of the issue, and he'll add them when he wakes up in the morning. :P

Ughh well he better be snappy about!


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