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bigest achievment


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whats you proudest EVER achievement? it can be somthing great like getting signed or crap like a videogame score. someone else please go first coz if no one replys i`d look a pillock.

I guess being a soccer coach for a while and having all that responsibiulity was cool and playing infront of 400 people in my ex band with my ex mates,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but yeah a hell of a lot for me too acheive yet probly movimg outta my folks house is the big thing i really wanna do next year


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my biggest achievement was once on a forum i told someone they had made a topic called "whats your biggest achievement?" in the wrong section of the forum

HA :rofl-lol::rofl-lol:

your bloody right too innit.

this is a pretty good topic, i wasnt ripping it or anything. are you sober dude?

nae didny think you were ripping on it anyway yeah i auctually am sober :o

yeah cherry gnr acoustic you got no idea how much jelous i am

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i guess it is getting my ba in history, and a minor in communications (all this upcoming december), and just recently having finished my band's four song disc in a really nice studio with producers and engineers and all that kinda fun stuff.

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