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Since we're all gearing up for the big return...


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I came across this old article on HTGTH. It's a long read but it basically sums up all that was going on up untill then. I especially like the section titled "Use Your Illusion: Does Axl Really Walk Among Us?" They talk about various eyewitness accounts of seeing him and hoe he had short hair. They make it out to be like a Bigfoot Sighting. It's crazy. Anyway, here is the article for anyone that is interested.. Credit goes to HTGTH.


See you all at Continental and MSG,


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yea it was a pretty interesting read, and that was pretty funny the UYI section. In the first siting the witness says ' i think i saw AID buy the kid a stuffed toy' when he says AID i assume he is reffering to Axl but what does it stand for?

Yeah I was wondering that too. Maybe some weird code name that we dont know about lol.

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