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Name change - One per member


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Forum rule #15 dated back to 2004 and 2005. While it solved many problems at the time, over time, it became clear that it needed to be adjusted.

After careful consideration and much discussion among the moderating team, we have decided to slightly alter the rule regarding screenname changes. It's come to our attention that many members had already exceeded 500 posts when the rule restricting namechanges was brought in. As a result, many of them never had an opportunity to change their screennames once.

So, to be fair to everybody, we've decided to allow everyone the opportunity to change their screenname once - but only once. A request can only be made from members who have not had any warnings for the previous three months. We will also ask members to keep their old screennames in their signature lines for one month so that other forum members will not be confused.

FORMER Forum Rule #15:

15) NAME CHANGE: You need to ask an administrator.

Members with less than 500 posts = name change permitted (1)

Members with more than 501 posts = name change not permitted because it would only confuse other members.

NEW Forum Rule #15:

15) NAME CHANGE: If needed, members are allowed to change their username once. Requirements: No warnings within the past three months. Members are asked to keep the old name in their signature lines for one month so that other members will not be confused. An administrator must be contacted to request a name change.



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I first registered as Monty...I think :book: . I remember posting in a thread about the Paris 92 concert because I had it on VHS. I left and didn't come back to the forum for ages and then when I did I forgot my password or something so I re-registered.


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