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Chinese Democracy -wich song should be on the record?


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WTF man...your a fool. There Was a Time is brilliance...your a fool. Shut up.

Change the final version of TWAT and I'll start snapping necks.

i diddnt say change it-sorry Axl but TWAT is rubbsh. Do you realy think that the public eye finds this song brilliant??


Fuck the public eye! TWAT rocks rock1

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i diddnt say change it-sorry Axl but TWAT is rubbsh. Do you realy think that the public eye finds this song brilliant??

*tut*... GnR fans like you just can't accept that AXL DOES WHAT HE WANTS. if you don't like it, then you can't do anything.

i like all the new songs though, and i think all of them should be on (including OMG)

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MADAGASCAR-Has nothin to do with Rock and Roll and its just a poor song wich people outside the die-hard fans will find week and nothin moore. Remember that members here have heard that song in almost 5 years, but most people arent like us. I hope its not on the record

CHINESE DEMOCRACY-OK song, but not revolutionary. Dont belong to a really good record. The song is a little bit to simple but ok. I hope its dont on the record.

I think you are absolutely wrong on both counts here. Chinese Democracy will become an anthem for the new band, of that I have no doubt. As for Madagascar, it is an epic of a scale we haven' seen since Estranged.

These song definately belong on the record. Fans would not be happy at all if they were left off.

Anyways, I think the fact that TWAT isn't like NR is what makes it so good. It's not just another piano/guitar ballad. It has a twist to it. My opinion, though.

That's not your opinion, that is fact. :)

TWAT isn't a steriotypic ballad, like November Rain. It is what I have come to term an "epic", something more like Estranged. I'm absolutely certain that TWAT will be a huge hit for the band, and I would love to see it as a single over the next month!

TWAT-One of Axls favoruites. But maybe one of the worst new songs. Boring and all thos minutes with just guitar playing is to much if people should like this song. This song is dead meet to me, has realy low potential. Should not be on the record what so ever.

And yes you are wrong here too, for the reasons above. This has huge potential.

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None of the new songs are good...I like them

but ive listen to them so many times that they have growing up

in my ass, and when CD is realsed I bet iam gonna throw up.

Outside this board they sucks...

Irs could be good, they have to speed it up. We need a vocal as

on the Illusion albums.

Better has some good parts but there is more rubbish then heaviness.

Twat...forget it

Only like the blues from "what this means to me..."

madagascar i find it ok.

Oh my god was a slap in my face because dident knew gnr did

such song. BUt i like it.

Cut the crap I only wanna hear IRS

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I said there is many good new songs, but i dont like Madagascar or TWAT.

There ya go, you just said it right there. We get the point, YOU don't like those songs. But I'm willing to bet that more than half the members here love them. I get so annoyed with people who think they know so much. The record isn't even out yet. So how can you predict what'll make or break it. Just leave it alone, and we'll see what happens when it comes out. I can guarantee whether you like those songs or not. Your gonna buy the album. As well as many other GNR fans out there. If YOU don't like them, don't listen to them. Simple as that.

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Silkworms and Oh My God will not be on the record. Though I remember some talk in the past about a newer version of Oh My God on CD. CITR is also not supposed to be on CD, though it will be on a future release.

You don't know that

Yes I do. We know for a fact that Silkworms and Rhiyad will not be there. Read the rest of my post more closely before responding in a manor not fitting.

No songs has been confirmed 100% that they will or will not be on the album. So no, you don't know that.

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Er.... Dude if you don't like the new stuff as much as you are stating here then you are probably best not getting CD (If it comes out i mean!)

Lets face it if/when CD comes out it will at least have the new songs that they are playing on tour at the moment.

As for my opinion - TWAT is awesome, i love the leak and thought it even better live at Wembley and Hammersmith this year. Can't wait for the studio version.

My other two faves are IRS and Better - love the 'boomy' riff on IRS and Axl sounds at his best on it.

As for the others, I agree with the post that said that we need to hear the Studio versions before judgement - fingers crossed we get that opportunity!

The only one i am not too bothered if it does not see the light of day is silkworms - but hey that's the great thang about music - everyone has there own opinion of what is good.

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