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I Want To Bond With The Members..

Ridin' the Nightrain

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I guess that's true to some degree, but these guys all seem to have a passion to play the music etc. It's more than the money I think.

Oh I definitely agree SA, I was just saying that most people bond over money... However, I think all of these guys have a fair old amount of their own money anyway... They play because they love to, not because they need the money!

They just love ROCKIN' OUT!

KK x

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I haven't heard them talk on stage, except for Tommy's rant when they were on tour in Europe. But they do have web sites, and they do share thier opinions with their fans, just not on stage. Axl lets their music do the talking with their solo's, and I like that. If you see any other band, it's rare to hear from their band members on stage.

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I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

Do you think they should be speaking onstage? :huh: If so, why? I don't recall Duff and Izzy chatting or ranting onstage in the old days.

As for interviews, Tommy gave a ton of interviews when he was promoting his solo album. Remember all of the "hair's breadth away" comments? :tongue2:

As for the other members, I would guess they'll be giving interviews once there's an album to promote. Right now, they have nothing to promote, and can't really talk about GNR's past music because they had nothing to do with creating it.

Oh thank you great purveyor of our thoughts :rolleyes:

No, I think what he's saying is legit. Except for Axl none of the new members have really established a public perception that is usually a little more defined after a band has been together for 5 years+.

IMO, I think there is a cloak of silence ordered by Axl on the subject of the Cd, the rest is probably just who they are.

Its a band of Charlie Watts type personalities, Axl excluded.


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Shades, Just to clear it up for you. I dont really care if the rest of the band members talk on stage .I mentioned Tommys rant on stage because that was the only time I heard another band member speak out.

So you think a rant on stage will give you a 'bond' with them?

ok, whatever.

I was expanding on your thought, thinking it had to mean more than a stage rant.

Either way I dont care to bond with any of them,

rock and roll then STFU for all I care.

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Guest cherry_bomb

the band are great to their fans, from experience, they're really fucking kind and curtious. (obv there have been a few "moments" where thats disputable...) i just dont think the band are into the whole becoming these personalities within the media, they just wanna play a show and get on with things, on with the next country. ron's different though, he loves bonding with the fans. i dont really get that vibe from a few of the others, sure theyre happy to talk; but not like become buddies...ah i dunno. just my ramblings.

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