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Onstage violence - Nine Inch Nails

King Dick

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u want onstage violence? check this out! http://youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=/wa...v%3D5M_oSpAXwaI

I'm glad that this idiot is dead! :)

Onstage violence is for idiots. Usually used by musically untalented bands which have to hide their non-existant ability to make good music. It's sad, that Robin participated in such bullshit.

explain somethin to me. why is it that u can enjoy music with lyrics depicting violence whether arbitary to with reason why do u express such disgust at its physical manifestation. n musical talent is relative to the effect one is attempting to achieve. GG Allin was truly unique n incredible n he had a purpose and a mission n he lived n died doing exactly what he said he would, n it werent no easy road. that in itself makes him cool.

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