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Ridin' the Nightrain

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Probably the best metal band ever. I don't even need to do a small write-up on them, you either know them or you don't know metal. :)

Saw them at the Download Festival this year, and I'm going to see them on their UK tour later this year too. One of the best live acts I've ever seen.

I thought signing to Roadrunner (which is the shittest label ever) would water them down, but they seem to be going strong still.

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They're not the best metal band ever. That title belongs to Emperor. Their last few albums have been a let down to me. I prefered their old shit to be honest. Heavier, mostly all growling vocals and darker. Saw em on the Gigantour and I do have to say that they are a great live band though.

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One of my favourite bands. One the best metal bands for sure, not the best but in top 5 for me.

I only have Blackwater Park and Ghost Reveries and I know everyone of their albums are great but what should I get next? Really would like to listen more from them.

Favourite songs at this moment: Baying of the Hounds, Bleak, BWP, Grand Conjuration, Ghost of Perdition and Atonement. So many great songs from a great band. rock1 rock3

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just so DULL


You clearly can't appreciate their style which isn't all 'THE WORLD FUCKING SUCKS GRRR'

I don't really look at it like a death metal band, even though they use death vocals.

Their style is quite different than classical death metal, much moore doomy and prog.

Yeah, it's a great mix. One minute they're a harsh death metal band, then the next thing you know the song has faded into a beautiful progressive track. It's the reason I love them.

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