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Do people crowd surf and mosh at the current Axl shows??


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Yes, theres some of that at Guns N' Roses shows. Its not like going to a heavy metal concert or anything like that when the whole floor is one huge pit.. but theres always a few shitsters in the crowd who try to get them started. The closer to the stage you get, the more moshing you might get thrown into. But compared to other shows I've been to, its nothing.

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Just a lot of jumping around. That though was fun. See, GN'R this year was my first ever gig, and I was SHIT scared of going down front but I did and I must say, I loved it. There were a few people crowd surfing etc but they generally ended up getting taken right to the front and security got them out. A few emos tried to start a mosh pit behind me and BFMV were playing but no one seemed to give a shit to be honest, we just wanted GN'R.

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I actually don't mind the crowd surfing too much. Nor the mosh pits as long as it's in the back. I just hate all the pushing and shoving and shifting that goes on while on the floor.

THe worst part of it is as soon as the lights go on Axl and he screams "you know where you are". its pretty crazy up front for the first 2 or 3 songs with everyone trying to get to those front spots. After that, its not that hectic.

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Noone is getting my front spot in Toronto man. I don't give two fucks.

I have a question for anyone that has been to a show since the KROQ thing though. Is Axl sounding the same as the brodcast, or is he sounding more like Rock Am Ring?

there haven't been any shows since KROQ.

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