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Guns N Roses in opening for NLDS Game 2 Mets/Dodgers


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:chef: ZOMGZ.

Me thinks they're playing instrumentals to all the chidem songs ;) . (the guitar you hear when there arnt vocals)

I know im wrong though :heart:

wait... whered you hear this???

:ph34r: I said i know im wrong. I just love the guitar they're playing when nobody's singing and its coming back from commercial.

Anyone else think they're hearing nightrain in the background/ :confused: ?

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if i start watching baseball i don't know if i could forgive axl

Baseball is fun. You drink beer, eat hotdogs, drink beer, eat nachos, drink beer, eat peanuts and drink beer. :)

i can do that anywhere and not have to keep looking up just in case i get a slap of a ball across the head :D

nba should have been the way to go rock1

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