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I used to hate them because I didn't have enough patience to listen their stuff. I bought 10.000 days and it is so awesome. I think I'll buy Lateralus and Aenima soon too. Great band, and that is only based by listening to 10 k days, and if Lateralus and Aenima are even better, they are one the greatest for me. Just have to listen to them more. :shades:

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Tool is the shit. I have listened to them since 94 and have loved all their stuff. You should check out Undertow its one of my favorites. While your at it you might as well pick up the stuff from Maynards side project A Perfect Circle. Lots of good music there too.

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Truly a great and innovative band. Not only is their music pure genius but they are a perfect example of a band that has been successful without compromising their vision one bit. I would recommend all their albums.

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