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Did this ever happen?

Inverted Mind

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A member of Here today gone to hell received an email from a member of Rapidfire confirming recordings will be released this year:

DATE: February 2nd 2006

TITLE: AXL ROSE's Pre-GUNS N' ROSES Recordings With RAPIDFIRE Due Later In The Year

TEXT: Rare Axl Rose (GUNS N' ROSES) recordings made while he was a member of the early '80s band RAPIDFIRE are still reportedly being mixed in Los Angeles and the CD covers are being designed in preparation for their release.

The tapes, which were purportedly recorded in May 1983, have been in storage in the original eight-track format for more than 20 years. The songs featured on the tape are as follows:

01. Ready To Rumble

02. All Night Long

03. The Prowler

04. On The Run

05. Closure

RAPIDFIRE's lineup was as follows:

Axl Rose - Vocals

Kevin Lawrence - Guitar

Mike Hammernik - Bass

Chuck Gordon – Drums

According to Lawrence, Axl's voice on the RAPIDFIRE recording sounds a bit "more Rob Halford"-ish compared to his vocals on "Appetite for Destruction". In addition, the CD's packaging will reportedly include "plenty of pre-tattoo Axl pictures." More information is available at Rapidfire1983.com.

(Thanks: Here Today... Gone To Hell!)









Axl Rose

?? Anyone know if its been done yet? :question:

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the guy who was releasing said it will be out soon enough

he just wants to get Axls permission first(not that he needs permission but he just wants to be civil about it)

i think Axl or his management aren't being to helpful but it will be out soon

somebody posted an email from the guy in news + discussion a few months back saying all this

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