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ipod/itunes help needed!


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Yea. So we were on a skate roadtrip on Sunday and we were hopping back and forth between each other's ipods and mp3 player for what we were listening to. So we had my ipod playing and then we put someone elses ipod on for a song and then were gonna go back to mine, but it wouldn't turn on. So I figured it froze while it was off (I knew the battery wasn't dead cause I had charged it that morning) and didn't think much of it. When I got home and plugged it into my computer, my computer didn't recognize it as my ipod, just as a removable disk and I got one of those "there was an error while installing your new hardware" messages. I called Circut City to see if they had any suggestions, they told me to update itunes. I did this, and when I opened the new version (7.0.1), I got an error message that the drivers to rip CD's didn't install properly and I needed to uninstall then reinstall itunes. So I did this, and now I can't open itunes at all. If anyone has any ideas of what the problem might be or what I can do (besides call apple), I'd appreciate it much. I hope I don't have a serious problem with it, cause I've got about 2000 songs and none of them are on my computer. <_<

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