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Bold Broadband


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for some reason my internet has gotten very slow

i'm talking about going from broadband speed to dial up speed <_<

it started on sunday, the only thing i installed for weeks is windows live messenger but i quickly deleted it

i cleared all my history, cookies etc.

i rang my broadband provider but they didn't help one bit <_<

i am using IE and i thought that firefox might help, but to download 4mbs it had an ETA of an hour! :no:

anyone know what could help? :unsure:

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Run a virus and spyware scan. Infected files may be the cause of your problem.

Also, try powercycling your modem. Disconnect the power from your broadband moden, wait 10 seconds, and then reconnect the power. Wait a minute or two for the modem to restart, then see if your speed has increased.

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