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Moneyshot Rock n Roll

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Check out the band I play in, Moneyshot. Rock n Roll music from Victoria Canada, all members are bigtime GNR fans.

If you like shit like Supersuckers, 70s Aerosmith,VR, Social D, Thin Lizzy, GNR, Misfits etc you might dig us.

If you like rock n roll music done with some energy and heart, you might dig us.


We're releasing our 5th CD on the 27th of October, and we're going to be previewing two new tracks at a time until the entire album has been up to listen to. Send us a friend request if you like it.

After that the album will be available on CD through our website http://www.moneyshot.ca and thru iTunes, eMusic, etc

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The new moneyshot album "the illusion of quality" just got a cool review by allmusic. (the main music info provider for itunes, emusic, AOL, windows media player, etc)

you can read what they had to say here.


The new moneyshot site is also up at http://www.moneyshot.ca, where you can listen to and download all the tracks and artwork off all the albums at no charge.

Come by and check it out.

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the track "Sofia" has been awarded garageband's "hard rock track of the day" for sunday, november 26th, after coming out of the first round of user reviews with a perfect 5 stars out of 5 rating.

check it out:


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thanks dude.

appreciate that.

you can download the entire new album free (and all our older albums) at


EDIT: "You Ain't Nothin'" has also been voted "Punk track of the day" at garageband.com for dec 1st

check it out


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