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My dad won tickets from a radio contest!


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Today, my dad told me he won two tickets to the Oakland, California show on December 15th off of one of the local radio stations. (which hardly plays rock anymore, much less GNR, so it was slighty surprising they were offering them in the first place.) I wasn't there when he did it, but he said that the way to win the tickets was to imitate Axl in the "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?!" part of Welcome to the Jungle. Keep in mind that my dad's 43, and even though he took me to my first GNR concert, he's not as huge of a fan as me. He's always pulled off a pretty nice Axl impression though, and it seems to have paid off!

They haven't called him to pick the tickets up yet, so I'm not sure what placing they are. It's still a cool thing to say, though. "My dad won tickets through impersonating Axl!" Again, if this topic needs to be moved to Upcoming Concerts or anything, I apologize, and feel free to move it.

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