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Where is everyone Sitting/Standing?


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Section 118 row 1 can't get any better than that..did not want to wait outside in the cold for a half decent spot on the floor! :) I am now selling tickets on eBay for section 118 row 22 if anyboby is interested..starting bid is 160.00 Canadian for the pair..all I really want is face value..my money back if anything! :)

Take a look!

Item number 170045411982 :)

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I'm in Section 120, Row 20.

Whoa! What seats? I think I'm in that row too. My tickets are at home.

I think it's seat 2. I'm going by myself since my buddy at work who is a Guns fan likely can't go. If he does he will obviously get a different seat, but if that happens I might give up mine if we can get tickets together. It's kinda late though, the concert is under one week away, so I'm pretty sure I'll keep my ticket.

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Section 101 I think D: I wanted floor but they were all gone by the time I bought my tickets >< But I sat in 122 (Sec. 101 is right beside it) for the Motley Crue concert and they were actually pretty decent seats, so I'm not too upset about it anymore...It just sucks I won't be up front where all the action is gonna be happening ;)

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