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Itunes/Ipod question

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Ok so yeah, just got an ipod recently.... my problem is, though, that it doesn't seem like you can change the order of the songs on itunes.... like let's say for instance i have all the tracks on use your illusion 2. yet they aren't on my computer because i've ripped them from the cd, but rather downloaded individually through programs like soulseek or limewire................ for some reason, itunes just puts them in some different order... and i'm wondering if there's a way to change that............................. you know what i'm saying? anyone else had this problem?


the dana

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Ok... I am now on my 3rd iPod. That shows how easy they are to get through!

I have one of those new colour nano's, I have the green one, it's the same colour as my old iPod mini. The battery life on this one is very good, last's a lot longer than the old nano.

They come in 2gb and 4gb. I have the 4 and it holds about 1000 songs. They are very very tiny and so easy to carry around, but the downside is you really gotta protect it and look after it cause they break so easy.

For 1000 songs on a tiny little device it's awesome, but don't expect it to last for years.

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right click the song -> get info -> change the track number.

if you do that for every song in the album it'll automaticly put it in the right order :)

Really??? Are you sure??? Seems like I've tried that and still nothing... maybe I better go back and try again. Thanks man.

it sorts the songs in an album by their track number

for songs with the same track number (or with no track # specified), it sorts them alphabetically by the title

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1000 to 2000 songs? That doesn't even seem like that much. :drevil:

Well the nano is the small one. The larger iPods can hold about 20 000 songs.

I don't recommend you get one though - they're far too unreliable. Everyone I know who's had one has had theirs break at least once - one of my friends went through 4. His last one died outside warranty.

I'd wait until the Microsoft Zune comes out (1st quarter next year?) to see what the competition is. It's manufactured by Toshiba and it's pretty much a jazzed up version of their Gigabeat S player, which was widely viewed as being better than the iPod.

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My main issue with my iPod is that I have to have all the music on my Mac aswell as on my iPod - which means if the iPod was full I'd have to have all 30GB of music on my Mac. Whereas with a cheap player I don't have to keep all my music on the computer - which works better for me.


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