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Eastsiders: Head to Palace IN STYLE


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ATTN all Eastsiders: (or anyone planing on heading west down M59 to get to the show)

A few of us are talking about pitching in and renting a limo-bus for an all day tailgate. If you're over 21, interested, RELIABLE, and don't mind partying with a bunch of complete strangers send me a PM. We're trying to get enough people together to keep the cost down to around $50 per person but I won't have any final details or even know if it will be doable until we get a head count. Please only send a message if you are AT LEAST 21 would be in FOR SURE.

I'll leave the invite out there until Oct. 29, if not enough people respond by then we're pulling the plug so everybody still has enough time to get some other plan together and we don't leave anybody hangin.

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Sorry bro. I know it sucks, I been there. Thats just how it's gonna have to be. It's gonna be my name on the contract, if someone under age got a little too crazy and something happened it's my ass on the line (unless someone else would be willing to sign on the dotted line then WHATEVA). The bars gonna be stocked and since we don't know eachother I just can't risk it, it's a big enough risk just putting the invite out there to a bunch of stangers like this but it's worth a little risk for suck a kick-ass party!

The limo is already a sure thing, we've got enough people for a car but the more we get the bigger the car gets. If it stays under 20 I can get an awesome deal an the baddest motherfuckin' Hummer super-stretch you've ever seen >Interior, if it goes over 20 there are tons of pimped-out limo buses out there (complete with bathrooms). Anyone got questions, feel free to ask.

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