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Favourite Motley Crue Member

Guest Yanni_16

Favourite Motley Crue member  

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Guest Yanni_16

I know not everyone here is an MC fan, but if you are, who would you say? I'd definaltey have to say Nikki, not only because he wrote most of the material, but because he just seems like the coolest and most genuine of the bunch. Mick seems cool too, but a little strange. Tommy is a mediawhore, and Vince is well, just a whore.

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i was just thinking this last night :xmasschef2:

not vince(i like him but the least) but the other 3 are equally my favourite

Nikki is just a true legend and one of my idols

Mick has some good phylosophys which are similar to mine(from what i've read of his interviews and from The Dirt)

Tommy is just a cool kickass dude who everyone must love

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i hate motely crue i think they are the most lame ass band in history. Hate every aspect of the band.

God shall smite you.

Nikki is my favorite, cause he's an amazing writer, got a great stage presence, and finally, Thunderbirds kick ass! ;) Mick a really close second, but he looks old as fuck, I mean, his skin is hanging off his bones. Out of place for a hiar metal band.

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