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Axl and Christina

Sunset Strip

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From Swedish newspaper.

It's from an interview in witch Christina Augilera said that Axl during the Video Music Awards walked right over to her and told her that he thinks that she is one of the greatest singers of our time.

I guess that explains the beautiful solos <_<

Nah, seriously Christina has a incredible voice.


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I read that, too! I don't like Christina's music, but you can't deny that she has a powerful voice.

right on...She's the only one from all the other poop-poper singers that can really sing live!

But I think Axl's attempt was to give her his phone number though... :lol:

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That's cool! She does have a great voice. and that's cool what Axl did :krider:

Hmpffff, here we go again! Oh that is so cool what Axl did, how nice of him! Fuck that shit! Can't the man do anything, which is considered normal by Axl himself and many other people, without you sick people commenting on even the smallest thing that it is SO COOL of Axl. If I was Axl I would should myself for having to live with all these brown-nosers around me. Grow up!

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Not a fan of hers at all, but she does have a truly incredible voice. Shame she doesn't devote nearly as much time carefully selecting her projects as she does her wardrobe.

Doesn't making the best pop album since 1989 count for something?

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