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A Hidden Gem From Megadeth!


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That song is ok... it's almost like pop-rock... the rest of the album is mostly crap.

Yeah, that's why I like that song, it's different from there other stuff, the rest of the album I agree is pretty weak, "The System Has Failed" is a much better album.

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Breadline - if released as a single - I thought would be huge. I guess we'll never know, but then I guess when the general public are like

"Whose that song by?"


"Urgh -Who?"

But yeah, the album for the most part is pretty poor except for Crush 'Em, Breadline, The Doctor Is Calling and a few others.

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Mustaine seems like a saddo who cant get over the fact he was booted out of Metallica

It's not Dave who can't get over it, it's the fanbase. Everything written about megadeth seems to mention that Dave was in Metallica for a while.

What Dave says about it is that he wrote most of Kill em All (which is true), and that his influence is all over lightning and puppets (which is also true).

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