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Bass Strings

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...And is the neck of a bass smaller then the neck of a guitar?

No.. Its a little wider.. And the strings are quite a lot thicker.. But I can never completely remember what 4-string looks like strung normally.. :drevil:

I string my 4-string with strings for a 5-string.. Gives such a better sound!


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Average, 4-string bass strings will be much thicker than regular guitar strings. For most 4-string basses, the highest string will be about as thick as the lowest string on a guitar. Depending on what sort of strings you put on a bass, the low string on the bass will probably be about twice the thickness of the low E string on a guitar- but again, it all depends on the gauge of strings you use.

The neck on a bass is also much larger. The width of the neck at the nut is usually similar to that on a guitar but the scale is much longer on a bass, resulting in wider frets and more width at the heel of the neck.

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