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Nashville postponed


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Anyone who has tickets to GNR shows had better hold your breath until you actually hear the first chords of Welcome To The Jungle, because the fuckers probably won't even show up. They postpone a f-n show and give no reason what-so-ever for doing it. Did they even think about the fans who have rearranged their lives just to be able to watch them for a couple of hours. At least Axle could have the f'n balls to give a reason for the postponement, which I'm sure will turn into a cancellation.

huge GNR fan u say ?

first of..just so u know its Axl Rose not axle not axel .... Axl

and i think this is the 9999999 show thats been postponed so chiillllll !!

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Chill out, dude. Many of us had plans to go to this show, myself included. It got postponed. I'm upset too, but it's not the end of the world. Especially if the delay is in the interest of CD coming out.

DITTO!!! And, if you're such a fan-

I believe you'd know how to SPELL

his name right!!! <_<

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its worth it bro, I drove 3 hours to a cancelled show, and didnt bat an eye bout driving 5 hours to next one. Well worth it.

i hope like hell it does not get canceled either my wife is goin w/me and this is her 1st concert and she's really excited too i read somewhere that nashville is gonna be rescheduled 2 new years day that would be awesome 2 be able 2 c them twice but 1 thing i noticed that wasn't even posted whe axl presented at the vma's john norris interviewed axl backstage talking about the suprise performance in 02 and the tour and axl again said that the album would be out THIS YEAR which axl has never said in years past everyone b4 has always jumped the gun 2 be nostradomis and predict but out of his mouth said this year anyway back on the subject he said the tour would start oct 24th not oct 20th why nashville was scheduled that date till this date we do not know the interview can be seen on youtube.com type in axl rose 06 vma interview

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